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newsLab 2020/1

  • Identification of metabolic pathways in pathogenesis of diabetic retinopathy using exome sequencing – a pilot study
  • Anti-tumour effects of vitamin D
  • Molecular detection methods of mutations in the kinase domain of fusion gene bcr-abl1 in patients with chronic myelocyte leukemia
  • The case report of toxoplasmic meningoencephalitis with fatal outcome in HIV patient
  • Carcinosarcoma-like endometrioid carcinoma of the uterus: case report of rare non-high-grade tumor

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newsLab 2019/2

  • Detection and validation of subchromosomal aberrations detected as additional findings in routine noninvasive prenatal testing for common trisomies
  • Finding of a marker chromosome in a child with Cat-eye syndrome (case study)
  • Experimental therapy with stem cells is promissing in the treatment of chronic diabetic ulcer – a case study
  • Colonic mucosal Schwann cell hamartoma with tactile corpuscle-like bodies: a case report
  • Accidental capture of the toxic strain Corynebacterium diphteriae

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newsLab 2019/1

  • Primary pancreatic liposarcoma – the case report and iterature review
  • DNA sequencing in laboratory diagnostics of bacterial pathogens
  • Importance and diagnostic of anti-phospholipid antibodies in women with reproductive disorders
  • Development of complex chromosome rearrangements in a patient with ALL
  • HCV infection – more than 20 years of drug development

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newsLab 2018/2

  • Genetically important aberrations in patients with mye-lodysplastic syndrome and laboratory methods of their detection
  • Molecular – genetic diagnostics of Human Papillomavirus (HPV) and monitoring of HPV patients
  • Laboratory diagnostic possibilities for Clostridium difficile infections
  • Chorangiosis of Placenta - Disorder of Unclear Etiology (Case Report and Overview of Current Knowledge)
  • Circulating tumor DNA and its utilization as marker with prognostic, predictive and diagnostic value in patients with oncological diseases

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Newslab 2018/1

  • Mature ovarian teratoma with pneumatosis cystoideslike appearance – morphological and immunohistochemical study
  • Incidental pelvic lymphangioleiomyomatosis in case of uterine carcinoma. Report of the case and search for similar lesions in series of staging lymhadenectomies
  • Environmental oestrogen bisphenol A and disorders in woman fertility
  • Monitoring EBV infection in children patients after Hematopoietic Stem Cell Transplantation (HSCT)
  • The rare care of infection caused by Vibrio cholerae non-O1, non-O139 in clinical practice in Slovakia

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Newslab 2017/2

  • Fertility disorders: immunological causes and possible curative impact
  • The first results of galactose-deficient IgA1 measurement in diagnosis and monitoring of patients with IgA nephropathy
  • Application of autovaccines in the treatment of chronic and recurrent colpitises
  • Infections of the hip endoprostheses
  • Non-invasive markers of liver fibrosis

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Newslab 2017/1

  • Pseudoglandular nevus – a rare morphology of melanocytic nevus (case report)
  • Differential molecular diagnosis of multiple myeloma and Waldenström macroglobulinemia
  • Molecular analysis of prognostically significant markers of chronic lymphocytic leukemia
  • Prevalence of Streptococcus pneumoniae phyla in inflammatory diseases of upper airways in preschool age children and their resistance to antibiotics
  • Malign melanoma - new aspects of research

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newslab 2016/2

  • Pulmonary aspergillosis
  • Infections caused by cytomegalovirus – diagnosis and therapy
  • Long-term molecular remission as a precondition for successful pregnancy in patients with chronic myelocyte leukemia
  • Chromosome 11 aberrations in a patient with acute myeloid leukemia – a case study
  • New biomarkers in diagnosing IgA nephropathy

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newslab 2016/1


  • Biochemical inflammation markers
  • Biochemical examinations in liver diseases
  • Biochemical diagnosis in diseases of GIT
  • Hypoglycemia
  • Urolithiasis as a result of metabolic diseases
  • Indication and application of tumor markers in clinical practice
  • Monoclonal gammopathies – laboratory examinations in diagnosis and monitoring
  • Hormones in diagnosis of reproductive function disorders
  • Cerebrospinal fluid diagnosis of diseases affecting the nervous system
  • Determining trace elements in blood serum


  • Assessing the therapeutic response in patients with chronic myelocyte leukemia treated with tyrosine kinase inhibitors
  • Hormones in diagnosis of reproductive functions’ disorders


  • Anemias – laboratory diagnosis of the most frequently prevalent types of anemia
  • Laboratory and hematological technical equipment


  • Paraneoplastic neurological syndromes and in vitro diagnosis of onconeural antibodies

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