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Newslab is a peer-reviewed magazine of laboratory medicine. It brings the latest results of professional and scientific activities of scientists, physicians and diagnostic professionals.


The 2nd issue of newslab, the scientific journal is out now

In total, the most recent issue of newslab brings you 11 engaging articles presenting the latest results of scientific research in laboratory medicine.

The latest issue offers content from a wide range of scientific areas and medical specialties – genetics, hematology, microbiology, pathology or new treatment methods. For example, authors examine the role of immune response in prognostics of colorectal cancer. Another interesting article looks at a case study focusing on analysis of experimental stem cell therapy in chronic diabetic ulcer. Other authors examined non-specific intestinal inflammation and set out to determine the factors causing the loss of patient response to biological treatment. As usually, the journal also features noteworthy case studies. One of them describes a case of colonic mucosal Schwann-cell hamartoma. Another collective of authors described identification of a marker chromosome in a child with Cat-eye syndrome.

All the above articles and more can be found in the latest issue of newslab 2019/2.