Elastofibroma in the rearfoot. Report of a rare case


Elastofibroma in extremely rare location of rearfoot is described. The tumor occurred in 57-ys-old man with recent history of arthrosis of the 1st metatarsophalangeal joint and with history of unspecified trauma of rearfoot in childhood. The 1.2 cm lesion showed typical histological and immunohistochemically features of elastofibroma. It was paucicellular and composed of bland fibroblasts and mature appearing fat cells, with dense intercellular collagenous matrix that contained numerous elastic fibers. The fibroblasts of the lesion expressed CD34 and were negative for alpha smooth muscle actin, desmin, S100 protein and beta-catenin. The case demonstrates that the diagnosis of elastofibroma should be considered also by examination of non-periscapular lesions. From pathogenetic point of view, the tumor in present case was caused probably by chronic minor trauma, like it is supposed for common periscapular elastofibromas.